Update April 17, 2020
Update March 30, 2020

The broadcast message was sent 3/30/2020 and is the most recent message to our Residents, Families, and Friends.

As stated previously the Covid-19 situation is rapidly changing.  

St. Joseph Senior Living operates under a detailed disaster response plan.  We perform drills throughout the year that involve local fire and police.  In addition to direct orders and information from the Ohio Department of Health (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services), the Ohio Department of Aging, the Centers for Disease Control, and the Stark County Emergency Healthcare Planning Committee and trade organization; our professionals belong to professional associations to access the latest and best practices for disaster preparedness and protocols.  Each leadership position has a back-up, we have and RN Infection Preservationist on staff, and we contract with HELP-Paradigm, a company that specializes in disaster preparedness and management.

Please be assured that we are taking all necessary steps in an attempt to keep this virus out of St. Joseph Senior Living.  To that end, although we are blessed with some big spaces that have allowed for social distancing within the nursing home and assisted living, we are taking the next step in confronting this virus by eliminating the small groups and providing meals in residents rooms and apartments in the nursing home and assisted living.  Last week we closed The Alsatian dining room and resident receive dinner in their apartments.

All staff will begin wearing masks to cover their nose and mouth  beginning March 31st.  Although we are conscientious with our own exposure and testing, this is the next step for staff to inhibit transmission.  

We know that staying in one's room or apartment will be difficult for most residents.  We will continue to reassure the residents and offer psycho-social supports and fun throughout the day.  Please continue to communicate:  You may send email messages or pictures to residents by emailing info@stjsl.org.  Messages and pictures will be printed, and hand delivered to your specific resident.  Please list the resident's name in the subject line.

Thank you for respecting our visiting restrictions.  Please direct questions to us at 330-875-5562.

God bless each of you!

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